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Red Day umpired baseball games in El Dorado during the 1940's and 1950's. Red umpired Little League, High School, American Legion, Semi-Pro, All-Star an State Baseball Tournaments over twenty years. He also played for the Skelly Semi-Pro Baseball Team.

Red Day was a huge, powerful and robust man-fond of the outdoors and a sportsman who loved the game of baseball. He was known for his fairness to home and visiting teams alike.

One of the Little League baseball fields is named after him. In a dedication address, R.A. Olymer, Editor of the El Dorado Times said, "It is entirely fitting that Red Day's name should be attached to this field on which so many boys will play baseball for years to come." He referred to Mr. Day as one of the fine citizens of El Dorado and said "he had a fondness for boys. They learned to like and trust him."

No glamorous hero was Red, but never in all his days id he cease from being mostly all boy himself. The young fellows ~ to this amiable giant, listened to his calm speech, and shrewdly sensed that ~ was one grown-up who was a true blue comrade. Red strove to make their play pleasurable and set an example of generous give and take which carried forceful appeal. So the boys respected and honored him, and this sentiment was quickly shared by their dads-and their moms, too. Thus Red accumulated a stone of cordial friendship which compensated in part, at least, for the drudgery of umpiring baseball games almost every summer night after a hard day's work."


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