Hall of Fame Inductees

Max Honeyman

If the truth was known, a baseball and probably a football was put in Max Honeymoon's crib the day he was born, because for the next 20 years these two sports were the most important things in his life. He spent the early years of his life playing various sports with the neighborhood kids, especially Brad Long. They would play catch by the hour. When it became time for these boys to play Pee-Wee baseball, Bob Long was the manager of the team and Cliff Honeyman was the assistant. This was they could have both boys on the same team. Max was a natural catcher. Brad played second base. This arrangement continued on through the Midget League and Junior League.

Max was selected for the Skelly All-Star teams and the Elks All-Star teams, catching and playing third base. Max had an excellent arm, which made him excel at both positions. He was naturally baseball smart and had a knack of throwing to the right base each time. He played 3rd base on an El Dorado All-Star team called the 61'ers, coached by Bob Long and Lawson Hanes. This 13-year old team was so good that they were asked not to return for the Championship game in the Maize tournament because no team in 5 game had come within 10 runs of them.

Max started on the high school baseball team at 3rd base for three consecutive years. In 1964 he started playing American Legion baseball, playing third base and catching some. The team placed third in the district tournament. The following year, under new coach Ray Houser, Max played third base for the Legion and the team won the District Tournament but lost out in two games at State. Under Houser again in 1966, Max was moved to the shortstop position. This turned out to be a wise move as the team proceeded to win the District Tournament in El Dorado and the State Tournament in Chanute, prevailing over 105 teams. Max was one of three El Dorado players elected to represent the West All-Star team in the annual Kansas East-West All-Star game but was unable to play because his legion team was headed to Bismarck, North Dakota where they finished in third place in the American Legion National Regional Tournament.

Max Honeymoon was a good athlete. He played some basketball and did some wrestling while in El Dorado High School but his best sport was football. He played defensive back and halfback. He was a good runner, a great blocker and was a terrific tackler. He was tough. He would dislocate his shoulder on the field, come off the field, have someone put his shoulder back in place and continue playing.

He played defensive back for Butler County for two years and played semi-pro baseball for a short time. He presently works for Kansas Gas Service and resides in El Dorado.


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