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"Get up kids, it's time to leave for our vacation," was not an uncommon saying out of Jack Howard's mouth. Although the vacation destination was not what anyone would expect. It's what he loves most, the National Baseball Congress Tournament. Jack Howard was born in Richmond, Virginia on June 17, 1953. At the age of six he starte playing baseball. Jack played for the Sydney Linear Eagles in Tulsa, Oklahoma until his family moved to Wichita when he was thirteen. Although he played football for a while in high school, Jack's love for baseball was always apparent. Jack's true passion for baseball resurfaced in 1984 when he coached a little league team at Southwest Boys Club in Wichita. His team, the Hawks, composed of several five year olds, eager to learn the game, was his pride and joy. After their first season, once again he was hooked. For the next three years Jack taught the basics of baseball. By the time the Hawks became eight year old, he was truly a baseball fanatic.

In 1988, Jack decided he could do more for the Southwest Boys Club than coach. He joined the Board of Directors and served on the board from 1988 through 1993 when his term was over. During his five year term on the Board of Directors his title changed several times, serving as President, Secretary and Head of Promotions. Along with the countless hours Jack spent keeping Southwest Boys Club running smoothly, he also organizing and overseeing several tournaments each year. Although he was very busy, Jack's little league team had improved greatly (now known as the Cardinals) and in 1993 placed fourth in the State Tournament.

In 1991 by sheer accident, Jack became affiliated with the Wichita Broncos semi-pro baseball team, now known as the El Dorado Broncos. Just waiting to buy a baseball cap, Jack had stumbled into his nest contribution to the game of baseball. Not knowing what to expect, Jack an his family agreed to open their home to one of the Bronco baseball players and became a foster family. After the first season of being a foster family, Jack decided once again that he wanted to be where the action was. The second season he was involved with the Broncos, the family housed two Bronco players and Jack assumed a position on the Bronco Board of Directors. In 1994, Jack was elected President of the Board an has held that position until present time.

A player, a coach and even a mentor are role Jack Howard has assumed in his lifetime regarding the game of baseball. Countless hours, sleepless nights and extreme exhaustion are just a few obstacles Jack overcomes daily throughout the summer when concerning baseball. It may seem overwhelming for some but he wouldn't have it any other was because, "It's all for the love of the game."


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