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Carl "Sot" Allen

For many years Carl "Sot" Allen was a dependable outfielder on EL Dorado Baseball Clubs. El Dorado fans always experienced a thrill of pleasure when they knew that "Sot" was going to be in the lineup. They liked his gay and dauntless bearing, for his ability to wait out the opposing pitcher and have a ball offered to his liking before he hits it. They liked his daring on the bases, for the brilliant speed which carried him around the sacks and that enabled him to take two bases where perhaps another player would only get one. Moreover, they liked him for his absolute certainly on defense. They knew that if a ball was hit into "Sot" Allen's territory, he would be under it and have it in the well. In 1937, while playing with the Skelly Oilers, he was the leading hitter in the state semi-professional tournament and stole 18 bases.

In 1939, Skelly won the hitting championship in the state without a close competitor, having five men listed in the top eleven hitters of the more then 500 participating players. Allen Gibson led the state with a brilliant average of .471 while K.C. Fabian, "Peck" McEachern, Hugh Gibson and Carl Allen were the other four among the select eleven. Skelly also won the base stealing championship, led by Carl Allen who pilfered fourteen bases. Allen was proclaimed by tournament officials to be the speediest played that ever participated in the state event. Attestation of their fine play was portrayed in the fact that of the sixteen players on the all-state team, six were Skelly boys. Honus Wagner, High Commissioner of Semi-Pro Baseball awarded certificates of All-State recognition to Allen Gibson, Hugh Gibson, K.C. Fabian, L.V. "Peck" McEachern, Hubert Orndorff and Carl "Sot" Allen.

A "Sot" Allen night was observed on June 15, 1947 and was attended by a packed stadium. The El Dorado Times reported: The little El Dorado ball hawk started his baseball career in the El Dorado Junior League and for three years was named to the all-star legion junior team. He then moved his centerfield garden to Oil Hill where he was a member of the Cities Service Colts in the Ban Johnson league. When Allen became too old to play Ban Johnson ball, he became a member of the Oil Hill town team. Two years later he joined the old Skelly Reds, then rated the no.2 team in El Dorado. The following season he made the No. 1 Skelly team and for years was rated the best centerfielder in Kansas.

Yet "Sot" Allen was much more than a popular baseball player. He was well-regarded and a upright citizen who as employed by Skelly Oil Company at its El Dorado refinery as a unit operator. He served that company faithfully for 25 years until his retirement in 1969. He was a pleasant, friendly man who enjoyed the best of relationships with those around him and who was trustworthy to whatever duty was assigned him. "Sot" graduated from El Dorado High School and attended El Dorado Junior College.

Carl "Sot" Allen was only 57 when he died and the days of the comfortable retirement were cut short. But if baseball is being played in the land to which he has been summoned, we may think of him as out there in the wide expanse of some mystic center field pulling down with assured certainty and pellet incautiously hit.


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